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Hard anodized cookware by Viking is a new generation of safe aluminum cookware.

Let us say a few words about its products in the order you can understand the reason for its quality.

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What’s As Anodized Aluminum?

Anodized aluminum is produced by electrolysis.  After processing, a high-strength oxide film remains on the metal surface, which cannot be damaged even with metal tools.  This film protects the penetration of aluminum molecules into your meal. It makes cooking in anodized utensils completely harmless for health. The hard-anodized process was originally drawn up for the restaurant industry sector. Chefs required lightweight, durable pots to prepare many meals per daytime.

The process of hard anodizing is rather simple.  A piece of aluminum is immersed in a tank with sulfuric acid, after it, it is exposed to low electric currents.  The aluminum surface combines with oxygen through a natural oxidation reaction that creates an aluminum oxide film. The acid is then cooled to the freezing point of water.  The electrical current increases dramatically, resulting in a heavily anodized aluminum surface that is twice as hard as stainless steel.

Many of us have heard that aluminum can be harmful and that it is undesirable to store food in it.  So, to solve this problem, manufacturers have developed a process for hard anodizing aluminum cookware in liquid electrolytes, or in other words, they subject the cookware to anodic oxidation.

What is it for?  This is necessary to form a strong protective layer on the dishes, which will further prevent the oxidation of aluminum, preventing it from entering food and the human body.

Thus, hard anodized cookware becomes acid-resistant.  Like any other aluminum cookware, manufacturers in general and Viking in particular, improve it with various high-quality non-stick coatings, thickening of the sides and bottom, etc.  But the main characteristic, in this case, is the safety of hard anodized cookware for the human body. In addition to conventional pots and pans, hard-anodized aluminum is also used in the manufacture of electrical household cooking appliances. Due to its non-porous, non-stick, and scratch-resistant nature, hard-anodized aluminum has an ideal surface for small home cooking appliances.


Viking kitchenware appeared 25 years ago.  At first, it was a hobby for cooking, then acquired a commercial interest. Viking kitchen was inspired by the disillusionment with the stoves and ovens of that time.  They were completely devoid of commercial functions.  Therefore, the next generation of instruments produced by Viking was focused primarily on performance. Subsequent generations of kitchen cutlery were produced with all functional qualities.  Today Viking tableware combines elegance, functionality, stylish design, materials of high quality.

Materials hard anodized cookware

The hard anodized cookware consists of three layers.  The bottom layer is stainless steel, the middle one is aluminum, the third is anodized surface.  Stainless steel base allows heat to be evenly distributed over the entire surface for even cooking. Viking also made it compatible with all cooktops including induction.  The middle layer of aluminum makes the cookware lightweight, wear-resistant and durable.  The anodized layer provides reliable protection against aluminum and makes the surface non-stick.


The entire set consists of six items.

  1. 12 inch – frying pan
  2. 10 inch – frying pan
  3. 3-quart saucier pan
  4. stewpan for 1.5 liters
  5. stewpan for 2.5 liters
  6. saucepan for 4 liters


Each of the items has a tempered glass lid.  The folded set has the following dimensions: Length 23.62 x Width 16.14 x Height 13.31 inches.  The handle of each item has a special notch so that the item placed on top doesn’t move.  This design saves up to 30% of space in a closet.  All hard anodized cookware products have noble dark grey color.

Features of use hard anodized cookware 

If you have hard anodized cookware in your kitchen, you can use it for any kind of food preparation and long-term food storage.  At the same time, you may not be afraid that microparticles of aluminum will enter your body. Tableware made of aluminum with a protective anodized coating is of value for tourists since it is lightweight and highly resistant to damage.  Also, you will be able to prepare dishes in which all useful properties will be preserved to the maximum.

Versatility and usability hard anodized cookware 

Currently, the resistance to corrosion and scratches of hard-anodized pans and pots is higher than other most durable cookware.  Unlike an applied non-stick coating, a hard-anodized surface will not have a thin layer of a thin film on the surface to be protected, but the surface itself is a protective layer.

The hard anodized surface is also non-toxic and resistant to heat up to the melting point of aluminum (660 degrees Celsius). Aluminum is known to be an excellent conductor of heat, so dishes made from it will heat up evenly and there will be no separate hot spots in the pan, so food will cook more evenly.  Fast, even heating of food being cooked in it is another of the many advantages of heavily anodized cookware, like any other aluminum.

How to use, product life

Hard anodized cookware has a significantly longer service life than cookware with traditional. It is this – the almost complete absence of pores, which allows it to resist the adhesion of food to it, even if the food is overcooked or burnt.

Hard anodized cookware can withstand wear and corrosion for a long time.  The surface will not form a peeling film or crust and can be operated at very high heat without damaging the coating. The anodized aluminum coating has a significantly lower thermal conductivity and coefficient of linear expansion than aluminum.  As a result, the coating may crack from thermal stress when exposed to temperatures above 80 ° C. The coating is susceptible to cracking, it may crack from sudden temperature changes but will not flake off, and without crusting.

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Advantages оf Viking Hard anodized cookware:

  • Extra hard – the hallmark of this cookware is its durability. Thanks to the anodized aluminum, it is scratch-resistant, does not chip or flake.  In fact, it is twice as hard as an alloy such as stainless steel.
  • Non-toxic and non-stick coating. As it was mentioned before, the surface is anodized, which creates layers of the non-stick coating. But it does not use PFOA (unlike Teflon) for production, which makes cookware safe
  • Non-reactive – unlike other metal pans, a non-porous coating keeps the aluminum inside to prevent the possibility of aluminum leaching out when cooking acidic foods such as tomato sauce or lemon juice.
  • High cooking efficiency – thanks to the one-piece aluminum body, it removes heat very quickly and evenly. However, in terms of thermal conductivity, it is inferior to pure aluminum.
  • Easy wash – hard anodized cookware non-stick products are very easy to clean.

Disadvantages оf Viking Hard anodized cookware:

  • Hard anodized cookware is more expensive than regular non-stick cookware
  • One should avoid high heat because these utensils absorb heat very quickly. It is better to cook at medium to medium-high temperatures. Try to avoid high-temperature preheating.
  • Cooking spray is prohibited. Any aerosol spray contains a chemical propellant and water.  Preheating the pan evaporates water and chemicals, leaving a sticky residue that is difficult to remove.  This will make the pan stick later.  Instead, use a little butter or butter to wipe down the inside of a pan.
  • Handwash. Any hard anodized and non-stick cookware is not recommended to be washed in the dishwasher.  While some have dishwasher-safe markings, experts generally still suggest handwashing for longer use.


In conclusion, we can say that hard anodized cookware by Viking is an excellent choice considering all the pros such as super-strength, non-toxicity, usability, durability. If you have been looking for reliable, safe, but at the same time elegant, easy-to-use cookware for your or professional kitchen. This is truly new generation cookware that will serve you for years.

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