Space saving cookware – storage ideas

Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas

Kitchen utensils can turn into trendy decor items. We show you the most interesting storage options.

Each homemaker must have different frying pans: a pancake, a grill, a frying pan for baking, stewing, a wok … Some product is better cooked in a Teflon pan, only cast iron is suitable for preparing another dish. The size of the pans also matters, so you have to buy small and medium, and large, and oval, and square…

And this wealth needs to be stored somewhere so that in search of the right dishes you do not have to take out everything that is in drawers and cabinets every time. We cannot give you universal advice – much depends on the size of the kitchen, on the style in which we decorate it, on the hostess’s desire to remove everything out of sight, or, to flaunt it. We will show you the popular options for storing pans in the house, and you select the best for you.

1. On the frame under the ceiling

Hanging pans on a rack attached to the ceiling is a very trendy way to store cookware. He came to us from Scandinavian interiors and gained popularity. Perfect for the chalet, rustic styles, can fit into minimalism and loft, requires an abundance of natural materials. We can place the frame over the island or cooking area, and sometimes over the dining table.

2. On rails on the Wall

In a minimalist kitchen with a steel finish, we can place the pans on the rails on either side of the stove. It is advisable to add a few details in the same color as the pans so that the dishes do not look lonely against the background of cold gray surfaces.

3. On shelves along the walls

A kitchen combined with a living room or dining room requires a special design – it must be in perfect harmony with the space to which we attach it. The role of the utensils, in this case, is also important. The pans can be placed here on shelves that will blend in color with the wall finish. This effect of light floating in the air will reduce the load on the furniture.

4. The walls between the windows

Dedicate country style with thin rails in the partition between the windows is an ideal place for placing pans. Cast iron is best stored in a closet on the bottom shelf. There is no need to test the neat fixings and the entire decorative concept.

5. On a non-functional section of the wall

Any non-standard kitchen configuration is a good reason to decorate the non-functional part of the wall with pans. We wouldn’t hang curtains here either.

6. On an open storage system

The open storage system for all kitchen utensils is convenient because it is spacious because of the absence of partitions and doors. We can move it to any part of the kitchen and here you can immediately see what is where. All pans will find their place on this wheeled kitchen rack.

7. Under the work surface

The classic way of storing pans, which is provided by a manufacturer of kitchen furniture: a pull-out system under the work surface or stove panel. The advantages include the convenience of placing the lids, a simple way to stack and use them. Usually, the storage of the lids from the pans gives the hostess a lot of inconveniences.

8. On the wall of the staircase

If we talk about stairs and walls, you can fill a part of the surface with pans, where nothing but panels or photographs usually fit. You will now have pans on display here.

9. On the side of the table

The kitchen set does not hold all the dishes? There are always reserves! Attach the rail on the side of the table – five or seven pans will fit here.

10. On the ladder

And a completely unexpected solution is to put a ladder against a free wall and hang pans on the rungs. Agree, it’s beautiful!

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