Stainless steel cookware – like new?

Care of stainless steel dishes.

Proper care of stainless steel cookware will keep its functional and aesthetic qualities for many years. The rules of care are simple, but following them gives an amazing effect: the dishes look new, nothing burns in them.

Advantages of stainless steel pans.

Stainless steel is a strong and durable metal that does not lose its appearance over time. Enamel will not break off from such a pan, nothing will happen to it if you drop it from a small height. The temperature difference is not terrible for her either. The main thing is not to leave an empty pan on the fire.

The pots shouldn’t be too light. Usually, they are made with a multilayer bottom. The more of these layers, the better. Food will not burn in such dishes. Glass lids allow you to follow the cooking process. Nowadays, dishes with metal lids are almost never produced.

Before use.

Before starting the operation, you need to read the instructions or rules for using the cookware. It always indicates the key points of care for the dishes of this manufacturer, recommendations are given for cooking, washing, and storing pots and pans.
Before using new stainless steel dishes, rinse them with hot water using a sponge and a little detergent. This is necessary to remove the plaque formed during the production and transportation of dishes. Use a special detergent for cleaning metal dishes – designed for cleaning metal dishes, including stainless steel. It will gently but effectively remove dirt without scratching the surface of a brand new pot.

Protect from overheating and sudden cooling!

Do not place empty stainless steel cookware on the switched-on stove. The surface of the metal burns, brown deposits of carbon deposits or bluish tarnishing spots is formed. Over time, food will begin to burn from the inside in this place.
Sharp cooling of steel dishes is unacceptable, for example, placing a hot saucepan under cold water or using a cloth moistened with cold water instead of support: due to temperature changes, the dishes lose the shine of the polished surface, microcracks can form at the junctions of the bottom layers, attachment of handles. If you need to quickly cool the stainless steel pan, then it is better to put it on a stand under the hot and leave it in a draft or on a cool windowsill.

Mine clean.

If food residues are burnt to the dishes, do not scrub them with a metal sponge or brush. It is necessary to pour hot water over the burnt places and leave for a while. Then carefully wipe off the softened layer with a soft sponge. To speed up the softening of burnt food, you can put a pot of water on the fire, bring it to a boil, and then slowly cool. A mild detergent that does not affect the composition of the metal will also help speed up the process. The already mentioned metal dish cleaner is ideal: it is safe even with prolonged exposure.

When washing in the dishwasher, the pan must be correctly positioned according to the recommendations of the machine manufacturer and the appropriate mode must be selected. After washing, it is not recommended to leave stainless steel dishes inside the dishwasher: this can lead to the formation of streaks or colored spots.

You can wash such dishes by hand with an ordinary dish sponge and detergent. You need to choose it carefully! Good detergent for stainless steel:
• should not have abrasive properties, otherwise, the metal surface will be covered with a cloudy veil of micro-scratches;
• it should be free of acids and alkalis. This will lead to the formation of whitish spots on the surface of the dishes, the disappearance of the gloss.


With proper use and proper care, your pot will serve you for years to come. However, if you have already spoiled the thing, then do not despair. They say that they can save even the blackest pan from the captivity of soot.

Until then, watch this video on how to clean stainless steel.

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